Township Clerks of Illinois

3217 Northfield Dr | Springfield, IL 62702

Township Clerks of Illinois

We preserve the history of our township as it happens. 

The Township Clerks of Illinois are an incorporated non-profit association organized and operated to help promote and support township clerks by conducting educational conferences and for the betterment and promotion of public service to the community.

The goals set forth by the Township Clerks of Illinois (TCI), an incorporated not for profit association, is to provide educational opportunities with training for Township Clerks by conducting educational conferences in geographical locations and to promote legislation beneficial to the operation of Township Government.

Mission Statement: Unifying clerks across Illinois with a solid base in knowledge by providing quality education to better serve our constituency. 

Executive Board

President Katy Dolan Baumer, Hanover Township/Cook County

Vice President Pam Bruner, Cordova Township/Rock Island County

Secretary Marsha Kay Johnston, Bruce Township/LaSalle County

Treasurer Suzanne Fisher, Oquawka Township/Henderson County

Immediate Past President Lisa Hodge, Blackberry Township/Kane County

Directors – District 1

Kathy Brown, Monticello Township/Piatt County

Bryan Smith, Long Creek Township/Macon County

At Large Director District 1 - Barbara Parker, DuPage Township/Will County  

Directors – District 2

Karen Wilson, Blackhawk Township/Rock Island County

Jewel Ward

At Large Director District 2 - OPEN

Directors – District 3

Sherry Tite, Wood River Township/Madison County

(Clerk Tite is also serving on the Parent Organization TOI Board of Directors)

At Large Director District 3 - OPEN

This Association is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of assisting and engaging in all activities which are permitted by the Illinois Not For Profit Corporation Act, by an organization exempt from Federal taxation under provisions of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Tax Code.